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Cleaning melted wax out of your carpet.

So it has happened time and time again. The cat just jumped up on the table where your wax melt just happens to be sitting, then you hear the crash. Now your cleaning melted wax out of your carpet.

Everyone loves the smells of scented candle wax but the smell isn't what comes to mind when it in your carpet but with a little bit of effort there is a super easy way cleaning melted wax out of your carpet the makes the job more bearable.

There are a few household items that you will need for cleaning melted wax out of your carpet. A hair dryer or iron, a metal spoon, white vinegar and a towel. A white towel is best to use so there is no color transfer from the towel to the carpet but if you have an old towel that's been washed a couple zillion times that will be fine.

Once you have your household materials gathered up cleaning melted candle wax out of your carpet is simple. Place the dampened wet towel on top of your candle wax. Then use your iron or hair dryer to heat up the wax under your towel for about for about 10 to 15 seconds. Lift your towel up and the wax will be transferred on the towel. Remember that metal spoon I told you to get? If there is still some wax in your carpet you can use your spoon to scoop up the left over wax.

If using a spoon to remove the left over wax still doesn't work to get all the wax, try spraying the white vinegar to help loosen the wax. Depending how long the wax has sat on your carpet or the size of the spill, you might have to repeat these steps a few times. A little effort goes a long way when cleaning melted wax out of your carpet.

Even though we may give our cats a displeased look when they have knocked over our wax warmers, at least now we have a simple way of cleaning melted wax out of your carpet so we can get back to what we do best. Showering our kitties with love!

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