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What are fragrance notes & what do they mean?

Did you ever wonder what a fragrance note is or why a Candle Maker may use this as a way of describing a scent? What exactly is the difference between a fragrance top note, middle note & a bottom note?

Understanding fragrance notes doesn't require some kind of special degree and I'm here to help you better understand what they mean. Understanding what notes are in a candle fragrance will help you decide which scent is right for you and which one matches you personally. On top of that you will feel more comfortable understanding fragrance notes in your new scented soy candle.

Lets get started with breaking down what a note actually is. A fragrance note is the different aromas you will pick up in your scent. There is three basic notes in a candle fragrance.A top note, middle note and a base or sometimes called the bottom note.

A top note is the first note you sense when you smell a candle. These notes introduce the candle fragrance, and are typically fresh, light, and citrusy.

The middle note is the scent you will pick up after the first scent note. The middle note is the β€œheart” of the fragrance. It can take up to 20 minutes for the middle notes of a scented candle to fully establish. When you burn your scented candle, these are the notes that are the most prominent.

Your base note or bottom note is basically the last part of your candle scent you will pick up. Bottom notes are the heavier, longer lasting notes. Think vanilla, woodsy, amber, or musk. These notes bring balance to a blend by weighing it down and rounding out the experience.

So now you know what it means when we mention base notes, top notes, and the middle notes of a scent and we hope that this helps you when choosing a new scent for yourself.

One last tip I would like to pass along. I know it does take up to an hour for that true scent of a fragrance to adjust to the temperature of the candle so before making any quick decisions about a scent be patient and let some time and your nose do all the work.

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