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Lilac Wax Dipped Bear

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Our Lilac Wax Dipped Bear aroma is of a true spring lilac bush in full bloom.

This Lilac Wax Dipped Bear has been hand dipped in scented soy candle wax multiple times and I have allowed each layer to harden. He will sit sturdy on a glass plate or a doilies as he scents the room for years to come. Simply recharge your wax dipped bear's scent with a hair dryer.

My Lilac wax dipped bear has been handmade by Kate's Candles Co with love and care. Each Lilac Wax Dipped Bear friend's fur may have different details as they are combed by hand. Our scented wax dipped bear is perfect for households with children and pets because there is never an open flame or a wax warmer to worry about spilling. Our scented wax dipped bears are great for bedrooms, Nurseries, dorm rooms and offices. Our scented friends will leave any room smelling fresh and clean for months, even years!

*** WARNING ***

Never place your wax dipped friend directly on a wooden surface. Your wooden surface my become discolored. Place your wax dipped friend instead on a glass plate or a paper doilie to prevent damage to your surfaces.

On the fence about this Lilac Wax Dipped Bear? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 23, 2024