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How to Care For Your Wax Dipped Bear

Your wax dipped bear scent can last for up to 1 year. Wax dipped plushies are great for any area of your home that you would like to keep smelling fresh but you don’t want to leave a candle burning or a wax warmer unattended. These wax dipped bears are great for nurseries, play rooms, bedrooms & even your home office or college dorm.You can display your wax dipped bear any way that you like, creating eye-catching decor for different seasons & holidays. Over time your wax dipped bear will need some but very little care. Caring for your wax dipped friends is easy and you can use average everyday items sitting in your home. Below are a few tips how to care for your wax dipped bear & keep it smelling great for year! 


       1.  When selecting a spot to show off your new friend you will need to keep in mind that it is made of wax. Before placing your friend, place a glass plate or a paper doily under your wax dipped bear. If you place your wax bear directly on wood, it may discolor the wood surface. 
        2. Your friend over time may become dusty. When this happens, spray a clean rag with a little dusting spray and let your rag dry. Once your rag is dry, you can gently wipe the dust off your wax dipped bear. Never spray dusting spray directly on your wax dipped bear. The oil from the dusting spray will discolor the wax coating on your bear.
         3. After a few months your wax dipped bear scent will become lighter than when you first bought it. To recharge your wax dipped bear scent all you have to do is place a regular hair dry on low. In a sweeping motion, slowly run the hair dryer over your bear. Be careful not to stay in one spot for too long! If you do, you will melt the wax too much and it will begin to drip. A helpful tip, when recharging your bear, place it on a piece of wax paper to help in case of mess.  
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